Slide show from September Lights at Norrahammars Bruk

September Lights.

Lights in bright colors and large shadow figures was shown on the facades of Norrahammars Bruk during September Lights.

On 24 September, 14 Lighting design students from the School of Engineering, Jönköping University organized September Lights at Norrahammars Bruk in collaboration with the municipality of Jönköping.
Below you can see some of the students' photos from the lighting event.

"It was great fun and many people thought it was nice that we came to Norrahammar and lit up the old factory site, says Nora Rosendahl, one of the Lighting Design students who attended the event. She mentions that it was at least a couple of hundred visitors at September Lights.

"It was a nice evening and we were lucky with the weather, Nora Rosendahl says.