Record numbers apply for higher vocational studies

Tekniska Högskolan vid Jönköping University.

Yrkeshögskolan vid Jönköping University hade i år 266 fler sökanden jämfört med i fjol.

The number of applicants to the College of Higher Vocational Education (Yh) at Jönköping University (JU) is more this year than ever before.

“It’s great news”, says Mats Kihlman, head of department for Yh at the School of Engineering (JTH) at JU.

The College of Higher Vocational Education at JU had 1,266 applicants this year, which is 286 more than last year. Mats Kihlman and Anita Nilsson Brun, Operations Development Manager for Yh at JTH, are particularly pleased that the new Java Developer (programmer) course has had a lot of applicants. This also applies to the Production Development course, the Production, e-commerce and warehouse logistics course as well as the Orthopedic Technician course.

“We see the increased demand in applications as an indication that more people are applying for courses where there is a pronounced need for competence in industries with good work and development opportunities,” says Mats Kihlman.