Board meeting with the advisory board

On September 5, CuEEd-LL had its first board meeting with the advisory board.

Skärmdump på deltagarna på mötet.

We discussed the following topics:

  • Doctoral partnerships between CuEEd-LL PhD students and PhD students in networks of the advisory board. Several networks were mentioned and the advisory board was encouraged to read the PhD students’ presentations on the CuEEd-LL web site to look for common denominators between doctoral projects.
  • The South Africa travel. We briefly pointed to the planned trip to South Africa in 2024, when we will need support from scholars in situ. In the advisory board, Lynda Spencer, Duncan Brown, and Quentin Williams are researchers that we can discuss the travel with.
  • Mentorship and participation in CuEEd-LL activities. There is a desire among members of the advisory board to participate as mentor and/or in future seminars.
  • Open seminars. It was suggested that seminars related to the CuEEd-LL theme very well can be announced on the CuEEd-LL web site as long as they can be attended online.
  • We went through the presentations of CuEEd-LL advisory board members on the web site, so that each member could modify their information.