Idea seminar with Nicolas Femia

Welcome to Nicolas Femia's idea seminar "Erfarenheter av (o)möjliggörande: att dekonstruera språk och litteracitet på en skola i en svensk förort" (Experiences of (un)enabling: deconstructing language and literacy at a school in a Swedish suburb). The seminar is held in Swedish.

Nicolas Femia, Department of Swedish, Multilingualism and Language Technology, Gothenburg University, will hold an ideas seminar on April 17 at 1:15 - 3:00 p.m.
The project focuses on the interplay between dominant and marginal ideologies about multilingualism, how they are made visible at a school in a Swedish suburb through language and literacy practices, and what significance these practices have for the (dis)possibility of students' learning, identity constructions and meaning-making.