Björn Bradling presents his thesis

Welcome to take part in Björn Bradling's doctoral thesis "Transformative learning and culturally enabling literature teaching in upper secondary school" (Transformativt lärande och kulturellt möjliggörande litteraturundervisning på gymnasiet) on November 27 at 01:15-03:00 p.m. (in Swedish)

27 november klockan 01:15-03:00 p.m

Björn Bradling, PhD student in education, presents his dissertation that focuses on possible ways to concretize in teaching the upper secondary school's steering documents' identification of fiction as a carrier of opportunities for learning that focuses on personal development and knowledge of the world around us.

With theoretical support in the pedagogical idea of transformative learning, which focuses on making visible and possibly reshaping (un)expressed beliefs, the project is based on studies on fiction reading and learning conducted with teachers, librarians and students in upper secondary school. Emerging patterns of results indicate that the chosen text sets an external framework for what is possible in the teaching situation, but that contextualization and conceptualization are of central importance for learning to be transformative and culturally enabling.

Chair: Anette Svensson