Joakim Wrethed

Associate Professor [Docent], Stockholm University

I have a teacher education and have also worked with higher education pedagogy and didactics at Stockholm University. I am a lecturer at the university since 2006 and have been involved with teacher education in various capacities since then. Among other things, I have published “Cancel Culture and The Trope of the Scapegoat: A Girardian Defence of the Importance of Contemplative Reading” [Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture, vol. 29, 2022, Michigan State University Press] and “John Williams’ Stoner and Literature as Dark Matter in the Age of Educational Managerialism” [HJEAS, Vol. 25, Nr. 1, 2019: 151–60]. These articles address education topics and concerns. I am interested in academic areas such as ‘education and power’ and I consider myself to be a defender of Bildung, regardless of where the threat towards it comes from. In CuEEd-LL, I am engaged as a co-supervisor.

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