MMTC welcomes visiting researcher Dr. Andreu Castellet from the University of Murcia, Spain

Andreu Castellet is an Associate Lector at the Dept. of Information and

He holds a PhD Degree from the University of Murcia (2012), with a thesis on the mobile media ecosystem, focused on its main players and their potential for disruptive innovation. He is part of the Mobile Media Research Network, a project originated from the e-­‐Com Research Group, the first University Group to focus its work on mobile content – founded in Murcia in 2005. His main current research interests are innovation in the mobile ecosystem, mobile media, digital environments regulation, and the impact of platforms on the media and entertainment industries. Although most of his research has not got beyond the Spanish-­‐speaking space, some research papers in English will be ready this year.

Originally starting from a media studies perspective, Andreu Castellet has been clearly influenced by both media ecology and techno-­‐economic perspectives when looking at the content-­‐based ecosystems, enriching his communication research iteration with business, computing, and law sciences angles, from both sides of the Atlantic.

Prior to becoming a scholar, Andreu Castellet experienced a long-­‐lasting career as a journalist, mostly reporting on economy and finance, working, among other companies, for the Spanish Public Television TVE in Barcelona, and for Bloomberg News in London. He had completed his studies of Journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), in the early eighties.

His visit to the Media Management and Transformation Centre (MMTC) at Jönköping was to take advantage of the sound MMTC background, in order to foster and share his research experience and to eventually explore new areas of cooperation between both institutions, with media evolution as the main focus.

Castellet visited MMTC from 3 February until 30 April.