Media, Management and Transformation Centre

Meet the MMTC Research Team


  • Leona Achtenhagen

    Leona Achtenhagen

    Director of MMTC, Professor, Business Administration
    Leona's research focuses on aspects of entrepreneurship, strategy and organization within the media industries and other industries in process of digital transformation.
  • Emilia Florin Samuelsson

    Co-Director MMTC, Assistant Professor, Business Administration
    Emilia’s research focuses on management accounting practices and control across cultures and socio-economic differences.


  • Adele Berndt

    Associate Professor, Business Administration
    Adele's research focuses on consumer behaviour topics specifically in the areas of sustainability (Alternative Food Networks) and anti-consumption.
  • Agostino Manduchi

    Associate Professor, Economics
    Agostino's research focuses on the analysis of digital markets, information provision and information gathering, from the point of view of game theory and mechanism design.
  • Anders Melander

    Associate Professor, Business Administration
    Anders's research focuses on innovative ways to work with strategy, mainly in growth oriented small and medium sized companies.
  • Andrea Kuiken

    JIBS Phd Candidate
    Andrea's research focuses on internationalization of small,- and medium-sized companies. She is interested in the dynamics of international growth after initial foreign market entry in different firm ...
  • Anette Johansson

    Assistant Professor, Business Administration, Associate Dean of Faculty JIBS
    Anette´s research includes decision making under uncertainty with a particular focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in established organizations. Current projects include innovative ways of person...
  • Anne Morawietz

    JIBS Phd Candidate
    Anne's research focuses on consumer experiences, engagement and transformation, specifically in ‘branded communities of practice’
  • Annika Ehlers

    MMTC Doctoral Candidate
    Annika's research focuses on innovation, new technologies and the influence of digital transformation in media management.
  • Ayesha Manzoor

    JIBS Doctoral Candidate
    Ayesha`s research focuses on consumer airline experiences, brand emotions, social media and netnography.
  • Brian McCauley

    Postdoctoral Fellow, MMTC Research fellow
    Brian's research interests are multi-disciplinary and digital, focusing on gaming and esports through the lens of marketing, communications and social media.
  • Christian Sandström

    Associate professor, MMTC Research fellow
    Christian's research concerns digitalization and its implications for established firms and institutions.
  • Christofer Laurell

    Assistant Professor, Business Administration
    Christofer's research focuses on institutional pressures created by digitalization and its implications for marketing, management and innovation.
  • Darko Pantelic

    Darko Pantelic

    Assistant Professor, Business Administration
    Darko's research focuses on international marketing and cross-cultural communication as well as investigating different aspects of marketing education in business schools.
  • Dinara Tokbaeva

    Postdoctoral Fellow, MMTC Research fellow
    Dinara’s research focus is on media entrepreneurship and media management in emerging markets as well as how charismatic and other types of leadership impact the effectiveness of firms.
  • Duncan Levinsohn

    Acting Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (JTH)
    Duncan’s research focuses on the phenomenon of corporate social innovation, with a particular emphasis of SMEs with regards to taking proactive initiatives towards social and environmental sustainabil...
  • Edward Gillmore

    Assistant Professor, Business Administration
    Edward’s research focuses on the microfoundations of firm innovation, with emphasis on subsidiary resource and relationship management. He is interested in assessing how foreign subsidiaries innovate ...
  • Elvira Kaneberg

    Assistant Professor, Business Administration
    Elvira's research focuses on humanitarian aspects, safety and security, and civil society within the supply chain management, logistics, networks and organization
  • Guénola Nonet

    Assistant Professor, Business Administration
    Guénola's research looks at private and public organizations, how they can collaborate and innovate to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Additionally she also looks at business schools...
  • Hamid Jafari

    Assistant Professor, Logistics, School of Engineering (JTH)
    Hamid's research focuses in Retailing and Supply Chain Management. His interests include multi-channel retailing and distribution, and retail innovation.
  • Henry Lopez Vega

    Assistant Professor, Business Administration
    Henry’s research focuses on (open and digital) innovation, strategic renewal, and foreign R&D.
  • Imran Nazir

    Assistant Professor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    Imran's research focuses on media Entrepreneurship, corporate Venturing and Capabilities
  • Jerker Moodysson

    Professor, Business Administration, Dean of JIBS
    Jerker’s research focuses on innovation, with emphasis on transformation of firms and industries. He is interested in assessing how institutions influence firms’ innovative capacity and ability to ren...
  • Joaquin Cestino

    MMTC Doctoral Candidate
    Joaquin's research focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation in media organizations, with a particular interest in the transformation of legacy newspapers and journalist ventures, and processes of in...
  • Kersti Karltorp

    Postdoctoral Fellow, MMTC Research Fellow
    Kersti's research focuses on innovation systems, socio-technical change and policy in the context of sustainable development.
  • Marcel Garz

    Assistant Professor, Economics
    Marcel’s research focuses on the economics of news markets, especially from an empirical perspective
  • Marcela Ramirez Pasillas

    Assistant Professor, Business Administration
    Marcela’s research focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation and immigrant entrepreneurship.
  • Mark Edwards

    Assistant Professor, Business Administration
    Mark's research focuses on the connection between organizational sustainability and values as it appears at multiple levels across individual, firm and large-scale levels of change. He also dabble in ...
  • Mart Ots

    Associate Professor, Business Administration
    Mart's research focuses on digital business transformation with a special focus on emerging marketing and branding practices and their policy implications.
  • Marta Caccamo

    JIBS Doctoral Candidate
    Marta's research focuses on objects and workspaces as enablers of collaborative innovation between corporates and external actors, as well as across internal corporate departments. She is interested i...
  • Nicola Lucchi

    Associate Professor, Law
    Nicola's research and academic interests focus on comparative information law and policy and the interaction between law and (digital) innovation.
  • Norbert Steigenberger

    Associate Professor, Business Administration
    Norbert's research interests include organization theory and organizational behavior and he works currently predominantly on firm-stakeholder relationships
  • Olof Brunninge

    Associate Professor, Business Administration
    Olof's research interests include strategic management, organizational identity, family business, and social memory in media firms and other types of organisations.
  • Oskar Eng

    JIBS Doctoral Candidate
    Oskar's research focuses on the role of textuality in language for shaping financial accounting discourses, while also branching out into similar issues in sustainability reporting.
  • Petra Inwinkl

    Associate Professor, Accounting
    Petra’s research leverages her expertise in law and accounting to study the intersection between the law and economics of financial accounting as well as aspects of corporate governance embedded in th...
  • Rolf A. Lundin

    Professor Emeritus, Business Administration
    Rolf's research interests include project management and temporary organizations within and beyond the media industries.
  • Shanyun Lu

    JIBS Doctoral Candidate
    Sam's research focuses on how firms innovate to renew themselves, particularly within the context of mature manufacturing industries.
  • Sindi Sheri

    MMTC Doctoral Candidate
    Sindi's research interests focuses on entrepreneurship, digitalization, and the development of early established firms
  • Songming Feng

    MMTC Doctoral Candidate
    Songming's research focuses on the production aspect of cultural industries, through the lenses of cultural meaning, semiotics and practices.
  • Stefan Melesko

    Associate Professor, Media Economics
    Stefan's research focuses on M&A and financial issues in the media industry and the implications of different ownership structures on media company performances
  • Sumaya Hashim

    Doctoral Candidate
  • Thomas Cyron

    JIBS Doctoral Candidate
    Thomas' research focuses on investigating how early stage ventures develop into full-fledged companies by collecting longitudinal data from online sources.
  • Tobias Fridholm

    Postdoctoral Fellow, MMTC Research fellow
    Tobias' research focuses on the development of new frameworks and methods for monitoring and evaluating the impact of transformative innovation policies.
  • Tomas Müllern

    Professor, Business Administration
    Tomas' research focuses on how to organize and lead for innovation, specifically in the context of (digital) innovation for sustainable development.
  • Ulf Seigerroth

    Professor Informatics
    Ulf's research focuses on business and IT alignment with a specific focus on enterprise architecture and enterprise modeling.

MMTC Affiliated Researchers

  • Anna Rosengren

    Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, Jönköping University
    The research of Anna focuses on the intersection between openness and privacy. She has received funds from the Swedish Research Foundation (Vetenskapsrådet) and studies the potential impact on privacy...
  • Benjamin Hartmann

    Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Gothenburg
    Benjamin’s award-winning research explores the nexus of consumer culture, marketing, and media. He obtained his PhD from JIBS and was a former researcher at MMTC.
  • Cristobal Benavide

    Vice Dean, Faculty of Communication, University de Los Andes, Santiago (Chile)
    Cristobal was a Visiting Professor at MMTC in 2013, and is the Director of MMTC’s South America Center. His main research interests include media management, innovation, and leadership.
  • Crystal Abidin

    Senior Research Fellow & DECRA Fellow, Internet Studies, Curtin University
    Crystal's research focuses on influencers and internet celebrity culture in Sweden, Australia, Singapore, and East Asia. Her current projects investigate self-branding, vernacular Internet cultures, a...
  • Daved Berry

    Visiting Professor, Business Administration
    Daved's research focuses on how design, the arts, and studio methods can improve leadership, innovation, organizing, and problem solving
  • Erika Arevalo

    Doctoral Candidate, Business Administration, Jönköping International Business School
    Erika’s research interests include consumer behavior and branding, and her dissertation focuses on Place Branding and its relation with social media.
  • Min Hang

    Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University (China)
    Min Hang obtained her PhD from MMTC at JIBS, focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship in media. She is the Director of MMTC’s East Asia Center.
  • Patrik Wikström

    Professor, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
    Patrik’s research is primarily focused on innovation and learning in the creative industries. He used to be an Associate Professor at MMTC, researching strategic management issues in multinational mus...
  • Robert G. Picard

    North American Representative, Reuters Institute, University of Oxford
    Robert is the founding director of MMTC and Professor of Media Economics. He is a specialist and expert on media economics and policy, and researches about the business challenges facing media in the ...
  • Sari Virta

    MMTC Affiliated Researcher
    Sari's research interest stems from practical media management work and concerns creativity and innovation in media organizations and their networks.
  • Stuart N. Brotman

    International Communications/ Media Lawyer and Management Consultant
    Stuart is an international communications and media lawyer, management consultant, and government policymaker. He is also the inaugural Howard Distinguished Endowed Professor of Media Management and L...
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