Professor Emeritus Rolf A. Lundin’s new book about project society has been released

In July 2015, MMTC Professor Emeritus Rolf A. Lundin’s new book “Managing and Working in Project Society: Institutional Challenges of Temporary Organizations” was released by Cambridge University Press. He co-authored this book with Niklas Arvidsson, Tim Brady, Eskil Ekstedt, Christophe Midler and Jörg Sydow.

Drawing on both theoretical perspectives and real-world cases, this book sheds light on the transformation toward a project society and explores the effects, opportunities, and conflicts it has created. The way projects are coordinated and handled influences the success of innovation and change within organizations and is critical for strategic development in our societies, yet it is often at odds with the institutions of traditional industrial society. This is an invaluable book for researchers and students in project management and organizational theory programs, as well as professionals involved in the management of projects. At MMTC, Dr. Rolf A. Lundin has been conducting research about the media industry from the project management perspective. Cambridge University Press link: