Media, Management and Transformation Centre

MMTC and Centre for Interdisciplinary Media Research (STM) of Oslo and Akershus University completed joint workshop about media policy

On January 11 and 12, 2016, Arne Krumsvik and Helle Sjøvaag, two scholars from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Media Research (STM) at the University of Oslo and Akershus, visited MMTC.

They successfully completed a joint workshop aimed at analyzing and developing future media policy frameworks in the context of the Nordic region. This would help secure the economic conditions necessary for private and national editorial media to serve as platforms for open public conversations and freedom of information in the digital age.

Arne Krumsvik is a Professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies and Director of STM at the University of Oslo and Akershus. He is an affiliated researcher of MMTC. Helle Sjøvaag is a member of STM and a researcher at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at University of Bergen (Norway).

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