Professor Daved Barry’s paper “Discovering the Business Studio” recently won the 2016 Fritz Roethlisberger Award for best contribution to management education

MMTC Professor Daved Barry’s article “Discovering the Business Studio” in the Journal of Management Education (2015, Vol. 39(1), 153-175) recently won the 2016 Fritz Roethlisberger Memorial Award. The article was co-authored by Daved Barry and Stefan Meisiek, Professor at the University of Sydney. The judging committee commented that the paper is “innovative and accessible with tremendous potential for longevity in its contribution to management education”.

The award is sponsored by Sage and granted by the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society to the author(s) judged to have contributed the best paper on teaching and learning in the organizational and management sciences published in the preceding year in the Journal of Management Education. Fritz Roethlisberger, whom the award is named after, pioneered the Human Relations school of management as human-centric alternative to Taylorist management. The Human Relations School has strongly informed the recent global push towards business humanities education, as well as Professor Barry’s development of business studio pedagogies and studio research methods.

Daved Barry joined MMTC and JIBS in late 2015 as a Visiting Professor of Creative Organization Studies. His research and teaching focuses on how design, the arts, and studio methods can improve leadership, innovation, strategy, identity, organizing, and problem-solving. Currently, he is spearheading the Business Studio Project at JU, where he hopes to bring together JU faculty, students, and industry participants to work on business innovation in digitally focused ways and to generally advance business studio theory and practice. The project will contribute to JU’s new Digital Business Master and MMTC’s push towards digitally-related business innovation and transformation. Weblink to the article: