MMTC visiting researcher, Harsh Taneja, gave a research seminar

On 30 May, MMTC visiting scholar, Harsh Taneja, assistant professor of communication at the Missouri School of Journalism, gave a research seminar for faculty at Jönköping International Business School.

The seminar addressed, "Identifying visible and invisible structures: Explaining global patterns of Web use".

On globally connected digital platforms such as the Web, people are generally free to choose their preferred content. How relevant then are cultural factors such as language and geography in determining global patterns of Web use? This talk empirically investigates the role of cultural factors in global audience formation on the Web through analysis of shared traffic between the world’s 1000 most popular websites over three historical time points. In doing so, I employ a network analytic "user- centric" approach to mapping the WWW. The project has implications for how audiences take shape in high choice media environments.