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A new wave of publications of MMTC scholars

The research and thoughts of MMTC faculty members and PhD candidates have led to a new wave of publications in books and journals. Below is a list with selected ones:

3 articles were published in Volume 13 (2016) of Journal of Media Business Studies (JOMBS):

JOMBS Article: Developing media management scholarship: a commentary to Picard and Lowe’s essay.
Author: Leona Achtenhagen, Professor

JOMBS Article: Media policy’s new challenges
Co-author: Mart Ots (first), MMTC Director and Assistant Professor

JOMBS Article: A perspective on path dependence processes: The role of knowledge integration in business model persistence dynamics in the provincial press in England
Co-author: Joaquín Cestino (first), PhD Candidate

Chapter 13. Influencers Tell All? Unravelling Authenticity and Credibility in a Brand Scandal in Book “Blurring the lines: Market driven and democracy-driven freedom of expression” (published by Nordicom in 2016)
Authors: Crystal Abidin (MMTC affiliate researcher) and Mart Ots (MMTC Director and Assistant Professor)

Article: Organizing creative interaction: spontaneous and routinized spheres of team creativity
Co-author: Sari Virta (second), PhD Candidate
Journal: Communication Research and Practice (2016)

Article: What is Nordic media business research?
Co-author: Mart Ots (second), MMTC Director and Assistant Professor
Journal: Nordicom Information (2016)

Article: Brand avoidance among generation Y consumers
Co-author: Adele Berndt (third), Associate Professor
Journal: Qualitative Market Research (2016)

Book: The impact of science and technology on the rights of the individual (published by Springer Berlin/Heidelberg in 2016)
Author: Nicola Lucchi, Associate Professor

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