Call for Papers: Knowledge Intensive Business Systems and Value Co-Creation in Social Media Commerce

Special issue of the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research

The Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research is planning a special issue on Knowledge Intensive Business Systems and Value Co-Creation for Social Media Commerce.

Value co-creation has been one of the major research trends in the current decade. Considering the importance of participation of users and producers in the creation of value, especially in the service sector, many books, journal articles and special issues have been published. However, only rarely have these studies addressed knowledge intensive business services. Knowledge Intensive Business Services, commonly known as KIBS, are services and business operations heavily reliant on professional knowledge (Bocquet et al., 2016). KIBS are characterized by their abilities to obtain information and knowledge from external sources and to combine the acquired knowledge with internal knowledge into a value proposition service (Liu, 2013); thus, they are highly collaborative (Lessard, 2014). Based upon these characteristics, external sources of creativity (Castellano et al., 2017), customer relations (Petri and Jacob, 2016) and knowledge (Rodriguez et al., 2017; Aarikka-Stenroos and Jaakkola, 2012) play a decisive role for the success of this type of businesses. Interactive media and digital platforms have enabled new forms of co-creation and participation in value co-creation. This special issue aims to encourage novel contributions in regard with the value co-creation in KIBS, with a special emphasis on entrepreneurship in social media and digital platforms.

Subject Coverage

We specifically encourage papers related but not limited to the following topics:

  • Innovative Applications of Social Media, Digital Platforms and Information Systems in Value Co-Creation
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Value Co-Creation for Knowledge Intensive Media Entrepreneurship
  • Social Commerce and Value Co-Creation in Platform Ecosystems and Platform Businesses
  • Application of Knowlege Intensive Business Systems in Media Management
  • Innovative Culture, Firm Structure and Supporting Practices of Value Co-Creation in KIBS Startups
  • KIBS and Value Co-Creation in Creative Industries, Digital Games and Entertainment Industry
  • Enterprise Social Media and Knowledge Sharing Communication for Value Co-Creation in KIBS
  • Value Co-Creation Practices and Strategies for Use of External Sources of Creativity
  • Business Models and Strategies of Value Co-Creation in Mobile and Social Commerce
  • Effect of KIBS on Transaction Cost Economics (TCE) and Oursourcing/In-house Decisions in E-Commerce
  • Application of Different Theories on the Co-creation in Electronic, Social Media and Mobile Commerce
  • Co-Creation of Brands in Social Media, Mobile and Electronic Commerce

Notes for Intending Authors

We are seeking original manuscripts on conceptual and methodological issues related to research on value co-creation in KIBS, as well as papers that report on the results of empirical research in the field. Both qualitative and quantitative research can be accepted. Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Author guidelines can be found at

All submissions will be refereed by at least three reviewers. Submissions should be directed by email to

For more information, please visit the following web site:

Important Dates:

  • Full paper submission: 20 March 2019
  • Notification of review results: 20 June 2019
  • Revised submission: 20 August 2019
  • Final acceptance notification: 30 September 2019
  • Publication: Late 2019

Guest Editors

Datis Khajeheian

Faculty of Management

University of Tehran, Iran

Dr. Datis Khajeheian was awarded his M.A in entrepreneurship (New Venture Creation), a PhD in media management and a post-doc in media entrepreneurship. He serves as an assistant professor at the University of Tehran, as a lecturer at the Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies at Aalborg University in Denmark, and as a visiting fellow at the Berlin University of Digital Sciences. Focused on media entrepreneurship as his main area of interest, Datis is the head of the special interest group of “Emerging Media Markets” in the European Media Management Association (EMMA) and founding editor-in-chief of ‘Journal of Media Management and Entrepreneurship’ (JMME). He has authored numerous articles and books in English and Persian and has served in editorial roles of several academic journals.

Leona Achtenhagen

Media, Management and Transformation Centre (MMTC)

Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University, Sweden

Dr. Leona Achtenhagen is a full professor of entrepreneurship and business development at Jönköping International Business School and the director of its Media, Management and Transformation Centre. Currently, her research mainly focuses on entrepreneurship in different types of contexts, such as the media industries, as well as different issues related to digitalization. Her research has been published in journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Long Range Planning and Journalism Practice. She is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Media Business Studies, a pioneer journal in media management studies.


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