MMTC researcher Crystal Abidin launches her first book

MMTC researcher Crystal Abidin’s first book, Internet Celebrity: Understanding Fame Online, was launched in July.

The book talks about how the face of internet celebrity is rapidly diversifying and evolving. It also explores how online and mainstream celebrity culture are now weaving together, such that breakout stars from one-hit viral videos are able to turn their transient fame into a full-time career.

The book also presents a framework for thinking about the different forms of internet celebrity that have emerged over the last decade, taking examples from the Global North and South, to consolidate key ideas about cultures of online fame. It discusses the overall landscape, developments and trends in the internet celebrity economy, and cross-cultural lessons.

crystal has conducted a number of book launches and invited talks in Melbourne and Perth, Australia, Tartu, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland. In october, she will embark on a mini book tour in Scandinavia at Lund University, Södertörn University, Roskilde University, Univerity of Borås, IT University of Copenhagen, and University of Copenhagen.

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