MMTC Thesis Award Winners 2018

The Media, Management and Transformation Centre (MMTC) is proud to announce the winners of the JIBS/MMTC Thesis Award 2018.

The award competition was firstly announced earlier in the spring and after receiving 23 submissions MMTC carefully selected and awarded 8 authors and 4 thesis with a monetary prize and a certificate. Congratulations to the winning thesis and awarded authors.

  • “The Manila Model: Exploring the Junction of Social Entrepreneurship and the Supporting Ecosystem A Study of New Generation Social Enterprises in the Philippines” by Axel Lundberg & Jonathan Lennström Nyström who received SEK 15 000 for their work.
  • “Ready to talk Kakao? The Role of Customer Engagement in Multi-Sided Platforms On the pioneering example of KakaoTalk” by Honga Ross & Jan Christian Okel who received SEK 10 000 for their work.
  • “Transparency is the new black. A study of how transparent apparel supply chains influence generation Y” by Louice Jonsson & Sara Ygge who received SEK 10 000 for their work.
  • “Is It as Trustless as They Say? A Functional Analysis of The Blockchain and Trust” by Carl-Johan Hallström & Carl Uggla who received SEK 10 000 for their work.

Important criteria for evaluation was novelty and relevance of the research question, anchoring in relevant literature, rigor of the empirical study, profoundness of the empirical results, trustworthiness of analysis and novelty of insights. Besides the monetary reward and certificate the authors will get support from MMTC scholars to rewrite the study into a publishable article.

JIBS and MMTC are grateful to all contributors to the competition and congratulate the awarded authors!