Swedish Institute and MMTC launch new Executive education course

Swedish Institute and MMTC are pleased to launch a new Executive Education course: Accountability for sustainability: International and Swedish perspectives for the public sector

Sustainability is a challenge that concerns all types of organisations across the world and is especially meaningful for those who work as leaders in the public sector. Public sector organizations and their decision-makers face numerous challenges in the sustainability domain. These challenges of financial, social and environmental nature, require decision-makers to be responsive to the needs of their stakeholders to whom they are accountable. Accountability for sustainability is an essential element for ensuring the sustainability efforts of organisations.

This course provides you with the opportunity to better understand and solve the complex accountability challenges in the sustainability domain faced by your organization. It is organized in cooperation with Jönköping International Business School and gives participants 7,5 ECTS academic credits upon successful completion.

The course will be led by Senior Associate Professor and MMTC Champion for Globalisation, Timur Uman.

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