New collaborative project 'Evolve' granted funding.

'Evolve - Logistics development in the Jönköping region' is a three-year development project that is financed with funds from Tillväxtverket, Region Jönköpings län (Agency for Growth, Region Jönköping County), Nässjö Municipality, Vaggeryd Municipality and Jönköping Municipality.

- Our ambition is to elevate the local business community to the absolute top in logistics. That Jönköping University contributes its expertise is extremely valuable and a natural further development of the university's historically strong connection to the region's business life.


Excerpt from a joint statement by business leaders Claes Johansson (Nässjö), Johan Thorsell (Vaggeryd) and Sven Rydell (Jönköping).

A collaborative project between Jönköping International Business School and School of Engineering, Jönköping University, Nässjö Näringsliv AB, Vaggeryds Näringslivsråd and Jönköpings kommun has been granted funding. The Evolve project is a unique project to sharpen companies' competitiveness and will contribute to increasing knowledge in sustainable business. 30 of the region's companies from within the in the logistics sector and taking part in the project, will have the chance to future-proof their operations.

MMTC members Carla Machado Opens in new window., Leona Achtenhagen Opens in new window., and Mohammad Eslami  Opens in new window.are involved in the project.

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Group of people standing together

From the left, Johan Thorsell, Director of Business, Vaggeryd Municipality, Claes Johansson, CEO of Nässjö Näringsliv AB, Ingrid Wadskog, CEO of School of Technology (Jönköping University), Patrik Holst, Business Coordinator, Jönköping Municipality, Carla Machado, Director of Societal Engagement, Jönköping International Business School, and MMTC member, Sven Rydell, Director of Business, Jönköping Municipality, and Hans-Inge Almgren project manager for Evolve, Nordic Infracenter.