MMTC members Guénola Nonet and Carla Gonçalves Machado featured guests on Godmorgon Jönköping

What can Jönköping International Business School offer to support regional organizations in their own efforts toward reaching sustainability? This was discussed when MMTC members Guénola Nonet Opens in new window. and Carla Gonçalves Machado Opens in new window. visited Godmorgon Jönköping on 14 April.

Interviewer and two guests on stage

Carla Gonçalves Machado and Guénola Nonet

In these times of fast-paced transformation, proactive learning is required in order to lead and accelerate sustainable transformations across indutries. This topic was discussed as part of the regular God morgon Jönköping event (Good morning Jönköping) with discussions and input led by MMTC member Guénola Nonet, JIBS Champion for Responsibility in Action, and MMTC member Carla Gonçalves Machado, JIBS Director of Societal Engagement. Together they talked about the school's commitment to being Responsible in Action and how JIBS can help regional organizations to accelerate their sustainability transition - a transition that is costly at first and requires innovation, brainpower and creativity.

“This is where JIBS, its researchers, educators and students can help greatly: By providing top quality executive and lifelong learning courses, enabling connection with knowledgeable students willing to continue their professional journey in the region, and co-creating applied research together with JIBS research centres,” said Guénola and Carla during the presentation.

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Godmorgon Jönköping is a monthly event organized by the business department at Jönköping Municipality. The event focus on actualities in Jönköping. Interesting guests are invited to be interviewed by the moderator Håkan Montelius.