Two day symposium focussed on sustainability and digitalisation

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Two fantastic days of discussions and workshopping wrapped up with a brainstorming session on next steps.

This two-day symposium offered opportunities to discuss, learn about, and reflect on the complex relationship between sustainability and digitization, as well as the social and environmental impacts. Digitalization claims to offer means for economic growth and sustainability advances through cost savings and efficiencies. The symposium provided a friendly forum for investigating this and similar claims regarding the social and environmental sustainability impacts of digitalization. The symposium included keynote contribution from guests Stefanie Kunkel (Research Institute for Sustainability, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam) , David Tyfield (Lancaster University and Nic Marchesi (Orange sky). External link, opens in new window.

As part of the program on 23rd May, there was an afternoon workshop held together with practitioners followed by a networking dinner. Each afternoon included panel sessions sharing insights and experience. Thank you to Anna Ericson Öberg (Volvo Construction), Josefin Hagström (Jönköping municipality), Lucia Pizzichini (MMTC), and Ylva Lindberg (HLK).

Thank you to Mark Edwards for hosting the symposium.

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Mark Edwards, Symposium host

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