The courses and programmes offered via SPARK and Jönköping University are strongly linked to the region’s trade and industry. Companies contribute to shaping these courses and programmes. They can also get to know the students via, for example, courses involving placements in industrial operations. Such placements put students and companies together early on. This facilitates companies’ recruitment processes and competence provisioning. It also gives our engineers jobs on completing their studies.

Leadership, multivariable analysis, lean production, project management and purchasing logistics are just some of the freestanding course offered to those who have already embarked on their professional careers.

For key people in Swedish manufacturing industries, Professional Education for Manufacturing Innovation (PREMIUM) aims to boost expertise in knowledge intensive and innovative production development. This programme is given in collaboration with Mälardalen University.


Those who have already entered a profession can attend a 4-year programme in which research alternates with courses. Each programme is designed to meet a company’s particular need for cutting-edge expertise. Our programmes for industrial doctoral students can strengthen the participating companies’ competitiveness and, at the same time, prepare individuals for specialist positions in these companies.

The foundry industry, the School of Engineering, The Swedish Foundry Association and Swerea SWECAST are jointly investing in the long-term strengthening and development of the Swedish foundry industry. As the programmes and courses are largely distance learning, it is possible to combine work and study.


Our higher vocational education (HVE) provides both profession-oriented programmes for which there is a clear demand on the labour market and continuing professional development for those who have already entered a profession. At least 25 per cent of the programmes involve placements in the relevant industries.


The Masters in Assistive Technology (MASTech) project aims to develop a 2-year master’s programme for students who wish to work with innovative product development and/or the manufacture of products targeted at individuals with disabilities. It is administered by the School of Health And Welfare.