See our slideshow from Open House at JTH

Open House at the School of Engineering.

Many people came to JTH during Open House on March 19 to find out more about the school´s various programmes.

It was a successful Open House at the the School of Engineering (JTH), Jönköping University, on 19 March with many visitors, activities and good conversations. See our slideshow from the event below.

William Vince from Kättilstorp south of Falköping came to the Open House to get to know JTH and Jönköping better.

"I'm not sure what I want to study, but I like technology, IT, math and physics, so this feels like right up my alley, says William Vince.

He thinks he got a good picture of both JTH and its programmes during the Open House.

Magdalena Nygren, who studies Construction Engineering: Building Engineering/Civil Engineering at JTH, was at the Open House with her little sister Cornelia Nygren and she has been a good ambassador for the education, because Cornelia is to apply for the same programme.

"I am interested in building technology and how we will build our cities in the future," says Cornelia Nygren, who thought it was good to get information directly from the students during Open House.

Good opportunities to get a job

Denise Laning came from Stockholm to find out more about the Lighting Design programme at JTH.

"Lighting design is something creative and it is interesting to learn more about how light affects people," she says.

Erik Egrenius, a final year student of the Lighting Design programme, and Anton Gunnarsson, an alumnus of the Lighting Design, certified Denise Laning that the opportunities to get a job in the lighting industry after studying Lighting Design at JTH are good.

Have made furniture for a hotel

During Open House Viggo Grip Ericsson and Lina Palmér, who study Product Development with Furniture Design at JTH, showed two large wooden chairs and a table that they have been involved in making for the Trakt Forest Hotel in Holsbybrunn outside of Vetlanda.

"It was fun, educational and challenging. The furniture should not only look good, but also be durable, but they turned out well and we are very happy with the end result," says Lina Palmér.

"Many good activites"

Patrik Cannmo, Associate Dean of Education at JTH, thought it was nice to have Open House on campus again.

“We had many good activities and HI TECH (JTH's student association) contributed to a good atmosphere at the school and showed what it is like to be a student here,” he says.

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