Peter Andersson and Tjavdar Ivanov received the PED Collegial Award 2022

Peter Andersson, Senior Lecturer, and Tjavdar Ivanov, Senior Lecturer mathematics, at JTH.

The pedagogical Collegial Award 2022 at JTH were awarded to Peter Andersson, Senior Lecturer, and Tjavdar Ivanov, Senior Lecturer mathematics, at JTH.

The PED Collegial Award 2022 at JTH was awarded to Peter Andersson, Senior Lecturer, for “Excellence in pedagogical profession” and to Tjavdar Ivanov, Senior Lecturer mathematics, for “Excellence in course organisation and administration.”

The award winners are chosen by the Pedagogical group at JTH and the award was handed out by Ingrid Wadskog, Managing Director and Dean at JTH, at the school's staff meeting on 8 June. The PED Collegial Award is awarded annually in the spring.

The justifications for Peter Andersson's award

"Peter Andersson shows great subject knowledge, a talent for conveying relevant knowledge and insights in an easy-to-understand and effective way, while he manages to draw attention to and include all participants in a lively and educational discussion about design."


"With warmth and confidence, Peter takes his classes by storm. He is praised not only by his students but also by his colleagues. When it comes to pedagogy, he is a source of inspiration for our entire teaching staff. With a mixture of an easy setting and seriousness, he makes his students open up to new knowledge. I would very much like to see Peter stand out as a role model for the rest of us. ”

The justifications for Tjavdar Ivanov's award

“In order to motivate the students to actively work from the start of each course, we have in the mathematics courses for many years worked with different kinds of assignments, quizzes and so-called 'companion tests'. In this business, Tjavdar has been a very active and inspiring colleague, where he has, among other things, developed computer programs for individualualisation of tasks. Even in courses with a large number of students, Tjavdar gives each student each week a task with a similar degree of difficulty but not identical to someone else's. I think this inspiring and unique development work deserves attention. Tjavdar is an excellent candidate for this educational award.”


“Tjavdar is a great inspiration for his colleagues, among other things in his ambitious work with individualized assignments. In that work, for many years and on their own, Tjavdar has developed an automated system for individualized assignments. The system is used with great success in most mathematics courses.”