Peter Leisner received award at surface technology conference

Wolfgang Hansal, VD RENA Technologies Austria GmbH (till vänster) överräcker priset till Peter Leisner.

Wolfgang Hansal, VD RENA Technologies Austria GmbH (till vänster), överräcker priset till Peter Leisner.

In connection with the combined conference 14th EDNANO (International Workshop on Electrodeposited Nanostructures), 10th Pulse Plating Symposium and EAST Forum 2022 in June, Professor Peter Leisner, Head of Department of Materials and Manufacturing at JTH, was awarded the Pietro Cavalotti Award in Pulse Plating.

The award was motivated by the fact that Peter Leisner's many years of research in the field of pulse plating has inspired other researchers in the field. Pulse plating is an electroplating process where pulsating current is used to control the electrocrystallisation and thus the material properties of the deposited metal coating.2022-08-16 Like 3 likes this article.CommentsMore actions for commentsJönköping University

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