Webinar on gender equality in the metal industry


On 10 November, the School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University (JU) organizes a webinar on diversity and equality in the metal industry. Photo: Unsplash.

On 10 November, the School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University (JU) organizes a webinar on diversity and equality in the metal industry, through the WEBLEARN project. Representatives from Volvo, Scania, Rise and JTH participate there.

“We think this webinar addresses a crucial challenge for both academia and industry in the field of metals and metallic component manufacturing. For sustainable growth in the field and to be at the forefront of innovation in the world, we need much better efforts to attract talents from diverse resources, and certainly, gender balance is one of the most aspects of diversity and equal opportunity”, says Ehsan Ghassemali, project leader for WEBLEARN.

The Metal industry (and the academic sector) has historically been one of the male-dominated industries, making it not easy for female pioneers to overcome prejudice and cultural barriers to advance their careers.

This webinar will go through different aspects of diversity and equal opportunities, including gender study theories, and some related personal experiences from academic and industrial perspectives. The webinar follows with a case study on practising diversity and equal opportunity in the industry.

After these presentations, there will be a panel discussion to brainstorm ways to promote more diversity in academia and industry. Contributions to the debate from those following the webinar are welcome.

The role of public authorities and funding agencies shall not be neglected at all; thus, we believe the best target group for this webinar are all engineers and scientists in the field, representatives from authorities and associations, as well as managers and HR representatives from the industry.

In addition to Ehsan Ghassemali, the project group for WEBLEARN also includes Madelene Zetterlind and Stefan Brolin, Lecturer respective Project Manager, External Relations at JTH.

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Within WEBLEARN project (funded by KKs) 31 webinars in the field of metal and polymer component manufacturing have been conducted since November 2020. The effort has been attracting more than 1100 participants from 51 countries around the world. More than 16 colleagues at JTH have been directly involved in conducting the webinars, in close collaboration with industrial partners and/or international experts. The project has provided an efficient platform for dissemination of research results, integrating research into education, efficient collaboration with industry, and marketing our research and educational capacities at SPARK/JTH in national and international scales.
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