School of Engineering programme among Sweden’s most popular

Jönköping University.

The New Media Design programme at JTH has the second most applicants in Sweden within the creative sector.

New Media Design at the School of Engineering (JTH), Jönköping University (JU), received 1,060 applications for this semester, which is second best in the country for programmes in the creative sector.

“Great news and a nice confirmation that we are on the right track,” says Martin Lindh, programme manager.

It is the web magazine Magasin K that has looked at the application figures for the country's programmes in communication, culture and the creative sector.

“I hold many of the other educations we compete with in high esteem, and I am very happy and proud to come second on such a fine list,” says Martin Lindh.

"Suits us perfectly"

He is convinced that the path to success is the programme’s mix between graphic design and web, which he believes feels better and more with the times than ever.

“It's like the times have caught up with us with job descriptions like UX and interface designers, which suits us perfectly. On top of that, it is an international programme in English with students from all over the world”.

Close collaboration with the industry

Martin further explains that digital media takes a big place in many young people's lives, which is why they also want to be involved in influencing and developing these platforms.

“It's a great industry to work in, to be involved in shaping our digital future,” he says.

To remain relevant, Martin and his colleagues are constantly working on their course offerings and regularly reviewing the content. The entire programme plan is also reviewed at regular intervals, and they have a close collaboration with the industry where local companies such as Ny Studio and Toxic in Jönköping contribute with their knowledge.

Good community

Several of the programme’s students emphasize the good community both in the classes and between the cohorts at JTH.

“It is entirely the merit of the students! We have many nice and social students, and they may see themselves a bit like an odd bird at an engineering school. Maybe they feel a strong sense of fellowship because of that.”