JTH programme awarded honourable price

 Lighting design and Lighting technology at the School of Engineering won Stora förtjänstpriset.

Johanna Glans, programme manager for Lighting design and Lighting technology at the School of Engineering, with Stora förtjänstpriset in her hands. Photo: Casper Hedberg

The programme Lighting design and Lighting technology at the School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University (JU) has been awarded an award for great merit.

“It is a great honour and fantastic joy,” says Johanna Glans, programme manager.

The award Stora förtjänstpriset is awarded by the Bertil and Britt Svensson Foundation for Lighting Technology. The award goes to a person or organization that has been beneficial to lighting in Sweden for a long time, in research, education, design or general lighting issues. It can also be given to someone who has successfully pursued a single issue for the benefit of lighting in Sweden.

The prize was awarded at the lighting industry's annual event Ljusdagen (the Lighting day), which was held on 6 September at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm.

"A great recognition"

“That we are awarded this prize is a great recognition from our industry. It shows how important our education is to the country's business life and what impression it has made. We help shape the industry and JTH is an obvious choice if you want to work with lighting design at a high level,” says Johan Röklander, teacher on the programme.

He and Johanna Glans were some of several teachers and students from the Lighting design and Lighting technology programme who were on site during Ljusdagen.

Lighting Design and Lighting Technology at JTH  win Stora Förtjänstpriset.

Johanna Glans is proud and happy to have received the award for the Lighting Design and Lighting Technology programme at JTH.


"This year's recipient of Stora förtjänstpriset (Great merit award) has for a long time strongly contributed to the importance of light in the environment receiving ever greater attention. What they have contributed to the growth of a crucial professional group in lighting and produced so many lighting professionals and inspirers who raised the status of lighting and good lighting planning for 20 years is of great importance. Thanks to this programme, the Swedish lighting industry has been restructured at both the consultant and supplier level and received a good influx of knowledgeable personnel. One effect is also that the labour market within the entire lighting industry has become more equal.

This year's Stora förtjänstpriset thus goes to the Lighting design and Lighting technology at JTH, and where everyone who is, or has been, involved can feel proud."