Many people visited September Lights

Septemberljus at Tändsticksområdet in Jönköping.

Septemberljus at Tändsticksområdet in Jönköping on 30 September.

Many visitors came to September Lights at Tändsticksområdet in Jönköping in the evening of 30 September. The special lighting event is built and exhibited by students studying lighting design and lighting technology at the School of Engineering (JTH), Jönköping University (JU) and this year's theme was “industry”.

“There must have been a record number of people for this event. The bars and restaurants in the area attracted many people and their guests got to enjoy our lighting event,” says Kharin Abrahamsson, teacher in the lighting design programme at JTH.

"The atmosphere in the area was magical"

Around 20 students worked with September Lights. They were divided into four groups and were responsible for the lighting in each part of Tändsticksområdet. They told visitors about their light installations and tried to activate the children who visited.

“The students have worked hard, and we are incredibly satisfied with the results and their efforts. The visitors were happy and positive, and the atmosphere in the area was magical. It was hard to understand that we were in Jönköping, it felt like being abroad,” says Kharin Abrahamsson.

Impressed by their work

September Lights is organized annually by lighting design students at JTH in collaboration with Jönköping municipality. Amanda Bolmelid, one of the students who participated in September Lights, emphasizes that everything went well and that it was fun to show what they had done to the public. Many visitors asked questions, took photographs, and were impressed by their work, she mentions.

“It was a successful event and all the groups had a good structure in their installations. Furthermore it was fun to be at Tändsticksområdet, which fit well with this year's theme,” says Amanda Bolmelid.