Many students came to Master Day at JTH

Students at the School of Engineering, Jönköping University.

Master's student Ali Jamshidi talks to bachelor's students Alice Angerfelt and Tilda Ardenvik on Master Day at JTH.

Many students came to Master Day at JTH on 14 November to find out more about the school's master's programs.

"You become an expert in a field with a master's degree and who doesn't want that?," says Alice Angerfelt, who is studying the bachelor programme Construction Engineering: Architectural Engineering at JTH.

Ali Jamshidi was one of several master's students who, together with programme managers and teachers, informed and answered questions about the various master's programs. Ali, who is studying Sustainable Building Information Management at JTH, points out that a master's degree provides many opportunities, especially if you want to work abroad. He emphasizes that it is not that difficult to study a master's programme either.

"If you have passed a bachelor's education, you are guaranteed to pass a master, says Ali Jamshidi.

"Better job opportunities"

Alice Angerfelt and Tilda Ardenvik, who are studying the second year of Construction Engineering: Architectural Engineering at JTH, were at the master's day to get an overview of the school's master's programs.

"We will not apply for a master's until next year, but it still feels good to know which programs are available," says Alice Angerfelt.

"With the inflation, you might want to continue studying to have better job opportunities later on," says Tilda Ardenvik.

"You want to show that you can do something extra"

They think it is an advantage to study a master's programme in order to specialize in a field and become more sought after on the job market.

"There are many people who can do roughly the same work and therefore you want to show your employer that you can do something extra," says Alice Angerfelt.

Nils-Eric Andersson, Programme Manager for the master programme Materials and manufacturing at JTH, emphasizes that with a master's degree you take one more step compared to a bachelor's degree and that it can lead to more and other types of jobs.

"It gives you an additional edge and greater opportunities to develop in your workplace," says Nils-Eric Andersson. You can find JTH's master's program here