Basic Science Year fair premiere at the School of Engineering

Students at the School of Engineering, Jönköping University.

The Basic Science Year students Moa Johansson, Hanna Lauenstein, Ebba Karlsson och Sofia Lofstad at the Basic Science Year fair at the School of Engineering.

On 15 November, the School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University (JU) held a fair for the first time for the school's students studying Basic Science Year.

"A good way to get an insight into the different programmes at JTH and talk to the programme students," says the Basic Science Year student Sofia Lofstad.

Program managers, teachers and students at JTH spoke at the fair about the programmes that the Basic Science Year students can choose to and what career opportunities they open up. There were plenty of people at the fair, which was held in the gallery at JTH. Two of the visitors were the Basic Science Year students Sofia Lofstad and Moa Johansson. Moa wants to become a project manager, while Sofia gravitates more towards Product Development and Industrial Design. Both enjoy studying at JTH and are interested in continuing to do so.

"The students' opinions"

"I have made good friends here and student life is great fun. A lot of things happens on campus and you meet a lot of people, says Sofia Lofstad.

Moa also emphasizes that there is a good atmosphere at JTH and that they have good teachers. Both thought it was an advantage to talk to current programme students to hear their opinions about JTH and the school's educations.

"Teachers can have one view of an education and the students another, so by talking to both parties you get a good overall view," says Moa Johansson.

"A more natural discussion"

Thomas Olsson, Programme Manager Construction Engineering at JTH, thinks that the Basic Science Year fair is a much better way to meet the Basic Science Year students than before when they informed them in their classroom about what options they have after their education.

"This is an opportunity for us to show our programmes and the discussions become more natural at a fair than in a classroom. And here we have with us our fantastic students who know what it is actually like to attend our programmes. Together, we can hopefully provide a sufficient basis for the Basic Science Year students to choose a good programme here at JTH, says Thomas Olsson.