Students have reinvented the Spindle Back Chair - exhibit at Stockholm Furniture Fair

JTH students.

Here are some of the JTH students exhibiting at Stockholm Furniture Fair, 6-10 February. From the left: Abdalla Alsafadi, Iman El Agha, Jennifer Holm (seated), Ellinor Andersson. Photo: Patrik Svedberg.

25 students from the School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University (JU) have made five interpretations of the Spindle Back Chair, which they exhibit at the Stockholm Furniture Fair February 6-10.

"It is very difficult to reinvent the Spindle Back Chair, but I think we have succeeded," says the project manager and JTH student Vesna Paun.

JTH student.

Lovisa Jonsson with her group's Spindel Back Chair. Photo: Patrik Svedberg.

The students study the second year of the JTH programme Product Development with Furniture Design programme, which is located at Träcentrum in Nässjö. Divided into five groups, they have been working with the Spindle Back Chairs since October and have each produced a chair.

Vesna Paun thinks that all groups have succeeded very well in the task and mentions innovative elements such as hexagon-shaped legs, metal parts and sheepskin on some of the chairs. Her group has made a three-seater Spindle Back sofa in elm, which they want people to feel and experience something special for.

"We wanted to create something that not only meets functional needs, but that attracts attention and contributes to an aesthetic and sensory experience," says Vesna Paun.

"Hope people are brutally honest"

Vesna Paun and her classmates are excited to meet industry professionals at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and hear what they think of their Spindle Back Chairs and sofas.

"It will be very rewarding to get that response and to explain our thought about our furniture. I hope people are brutally honest and give us constructive criticism, which we can learn from," she says.

Victor Strandgren, programme manager, says that they have an exciting concept at the furniture fair which includes a large, arched wall where all information and graphics are displayed as a light animation.

"We hope that this will show the ability of our creative students both in terms of concept and idea as well as practical and digital creation," says Victor Strandgren.

Will exhibit at Milan Design Week

Several of the JTH students will also exhibit their Spindle Back Chairs and sofas at the Superdesign Show 2024 during Milan Design Week in April.

"It will be great fun! It's very big and I hardly thought it would come off, but Victor (Strandgren) solved it," says Vesna Paun.

One of the things she values ​​most about her education is the freedom to build what they want. "That's what's so special about this programme. If you have a dream to create something, it is entirely possible and the teachers support you all the way. There has been a lot of problem solving for us these years and we will take that knowledge with us in our backpacks when we leave this summer," she says.

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JTH students.

The pictures were taken at Nesto Möbel's (formerly Nässjö Pinnstolsfabrik) old industrial premises. From the left: Rebecka Svensk, Viktor Leijon and Tilda Cronqvist. Photo: Patrik Svedberg.

JTH students.

Nesto Möbel/Nässjö Pinnstolsfabrik (1982-1992) was one of Sweden's oldest and largest manufacturers of Spindle Back Chairs. From the left: Moa Boström, Harald Eklöf, Vesna Paun, Mara El-Mawla and Carolina Löfman. Photo: Patrik Svedberg.

JTH students furnitures.

The students' Spindle Back Chairs and sofas will also be exhibited at Milano Design Week in April. Photo: Patrik Svedberg.