Academic Ceremony.

Ehsan Ghassemali will be inaugurated Professor during Jönköping University's (JU's) Academic Ceremony at Spira on 4 May and he will give his inaugural lecture at JU on 2 May.

Ehsan Ghassemali will be inaugurated as a Professor at Academic Ceremony

Ehsan Ghassemali, the School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University (JU), will be inaugurated Professor during JU's Academic Ceremony on 4 May and he will give his inaugural lecture on 2 May.

“Being installed as a new professor is a one-time-in-life experience, and I very much look forward to enjoying the ceremony together with friends, family and colleagues. It is certainly a fantastic event in my academic life. Lots of support by family, friends, students, and colleagues, as well as my own discipline and effort are behind this achievement, which I am grateful for, says Ehsan Ghassemali.

Durable metallic materials

His academic title is Professor Materials and Manufacturing - Casting and the title of his Inaugural lecture, which is a public event, on 2 May is "Developing sustainable materials: the enabler of a carbon neutral society".

“I will talk about how in our research we develop metallic materials that are sustainable, as one of the key enablers for becoming a carbon neutral society. My main message is that without developing sustainable materials and manufacturing, even with the cleanest energy sources, we cannot achieve a carbon neutral society, says Ehsan Ghassemali.

Contribute to building a better future

Ehsan Ghassemali emphasizes that with the professor title comes a great responsibility to be involved in developing the research and educational environment and contribute to building a better future for our children and our society.

“And this is what I strive towards to; to further develop and deepen my knowledge and skills and contribute to the development and strengthening of our university, our industry, and our society, says Ehsan Ghassemali.

Facts Academic Ceremony and inaugural lectures

The Academic Ceremony takes place in Spira concert hall in Jönköping at 16.00-18.00 on 4 May. JU staff can pick up two tickets per person for the Academic Ceremony at JU’s Service Center no later than 15.00 on 3 May, if they do not run out before then.

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Ehsan Ghassemali will give his inaugural lecture in Hc113 (Tvetasalen) at the School of Education and Communication (HLK) at 15.15-15.40 on 2 May. The lectures with JU's new professors and honorary doctors are open to everyone and do not require registration.

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