Ehsan Ghassemali

Associate Professor


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Since almost ten years ago, Dr. Ghassemali's main research focus is generally on the relationship between microstructure and mechanical (and thermal) properties of metallic alloys. More specifically, he emphasizes on analytical electron microscopy to investigate (thermo)mechanical behavior of various type of alloys in complex conditions. To complete the chain of knowledge transfer into real applications, his final goal in each research is to bridge the experimental knowledge and finite element simulation, for process optimization as well as material properties prediction.

Particular focus is on conducting 2D and 3D electron-microscopy research and in-situ investigation of the mechanical behavior of cast alloys using Electron Backscattered Diffraction (EBSD) technique. A better understanding of how industrial alloys respond to external stimuli can create strategies for developing materials with desired properties from the micro-scale up. Specifically, material properties during the manufacturing process are studied, including crack initiation/propagation and failure analysis in micro-scale. The research is conducted in close cooperation with European industry.

Apart from those, areas of interest for Dr. Ghassemali also include high-entropy alloys, macro/micro-forming processes, testing and characterization techniques, grain refinement techniques, heat-treatment, modern physical and mechanical metallurgy, molecular dynamics, and finite element simulation.

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