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Encell, the National Centre for Lifelong Learning, is the principal national organisation responsible for conducting research in and disseminating knowledge about lifelong education and learning. Encell is run under the auspices of Jönköping University Foundation,  and its organisational host is the School of Education and Communication (HLK).

Essay competition on lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is essential, not only to fostering competitiveness in the knowledge economy, but also for personal fulfillment. To stimulate interest in the various aspects of lifelong learning, Encell has established an essay competition for students at Swedish universities.

Every year authors of the two winning essays are each awarded 10,000 Swedish crowns.


News in Swedish

Encell provides news reporting and dissemination of information (in Swedish) concerning adult education and lifelong learning. If you have any news about lifelong learning and adult education that you would like to communicate to a Swedish audience, please send it to us and we will translate it and present it on our website. Our e-mail is encell@ju.se.

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Recent publications:

  • Dybelius, A. (2020). Varför skrev jag en bok om Karl XII?. Malmbäck: Malmbäcks hembygdsförening More information
  • Almén, L., Bagga-Gupta, S., Bjursell, C. (2020). Access to and accounts of using digital tools in Swedish secondary grades: An exploratory study. Journal of Information Technology Education: Research (pp. 287-314). More information
  • Ahl, H. (2020). Why research on women entrepreneurs needs new directions. In: The praxis of diversity (pp. 65-104). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan More information
  • Persson, R. (2020). Challenging the Culture of Competition. Third Factor More information
  • Bjursell, C. (2020). Tractor Dad: From story to a scientific text, and back. In: Dialogues in Critical Management Studies Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited More information
  • Dybelius, A. (2020). Goda relationsbyggare kan säga som Lotta på Bråkmakargatan. Universitetsläraren More information

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