National Centre for Lifelong Learning


Below, you can find texts published by researchers connected to Encell. Also, in the linked pages, you can find a selection of popular scientific publications. 

  • Kındap-Tepe, Y., Aktaş, V. (2019). The mediating role of needs satisfaction for prosocial behavior and autonomy support. Current Psychology More information
  • Bjursell, C., Engström, A. (2019). Horizontal structures – A fundamental and forgotten perspective in school governance?. More information
  • Bjursell, C. (2019). Inclusion in education later in life: Why older adults engage in education activities. European Journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults 10(3), 215-230 More information
  • Lecusay, R., Mrak, L., Aktaş, V. (2019). Rethinking the Relation between Pedagogy and Sustainability: The Views of Preschool Teachers in Sweden. More information
  • Naldi, L., Baù, M., Ahl, H., Markowska, M. (2019). Home Alone: Gender (in)equality Within The Household And Business Start-up Among Mothers. More information

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