Safer together

The realization that safer healthcare is not a “binary” phenomenon, but a result from a complex set of factors working together in various ways and that healthcare is not limited to what occurs in hospitals led Charles and his colleague to work together to write their important book. Maren and her colleagues at Cambridge Health Alliance near Boston took those ideas and built their efforts. She describes how direct involvement of a patient and his spouse offered a much more helpful understanding of a fall that occurred shortly after this patient-person was admitted to the hospital. Together they illustrate how ideas become new ways of conducting the daily work of making safer healthcare. They open consideration of how automation enters the co-productive workspace and illustrate both its opportunities and its challenges


Charles Vincent

M Phil PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Oxford, Emeritus Professor Clinical Safety Research, Imperial College London

Maren Batalden

MD, MPH, Chief Quality Officer at Cambridge Health Alliance, Cambridge (MA)

Supplementary materials


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