Let’s get started with the defining principles of the coproduction of healthcare service, an overview of the knowledge, skills and habits that help coproduce healthcare, and some of its implications

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Running time: 11 minutes 37 seconds


Episode 1

Coproduction is Everywhere

Paul is on the trail to discovering the knowledge, skills and habits that help coproduce healthcare. It begins by becoming better observers when coproduction occurs

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Running time: 18 minutes 31 seconds


Episode 2

The person will see you now

Understanding the lived reality of persons we sometimes call “patients” is useful if we seek insight into how they might take action for their own health, utilizing their own supports and resources

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Running time: 33 minutes 53 seconds


Episode 3

Let's get real: the way things are

Understanding the current “as is” system that must be navigated by the persons in their various roles and their experience of actually doing it is required if we seek to improve upon it

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Running time: 20 minuts 35 seconds


Episode 4

Allow me to empower you: the wisdom of self-care

Coproduced healthcare service involves self-care and the support that enables it. Professional-persons who help create or enable that support for the patient-person are bridge-builders for access to helpful information and resources

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Running time: 27 minuts 50 seconds


Episode 5

Stop talking! Equity begins by listening

Designing services for pregnant women that address historic & racial inequity involves professional-persons willing to listen to those patient-persons before proposing new approaches

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Running time: 31 minuts 21 seconds



A coproduction fika

We catch our breath  and prepare for the next four episodes, which focus on the ways in which science informs the practice of coproduction

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Running time: 7 minuts 53 seconds


Episode 6

The biology of it all

Understanding of Cystic Fibrosis has transformed at a rapid pace. It’s a story that offers insight into how biologic knowledge contributes to the coproduction of healthcare services for people with this condition

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Running time: 27 minutes 14 seconds

Episode 7

The web I tend

Living and thriving with a long-term condition involves the integration and application of diverse resources to support the ever-changing needs of the patient-person and family

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Running time: 33 minutes 4 seconds

Episode 8

Am I allowed to cry here?

Morten Södemann of Copenhagen describes how professional-persons and immigrant-persons have designed and co-created services for vulnerable people in a safe space, the Migrant Health Clinic

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Running time: 21 minutes 34 seconds

Episode 9

Stories clarify

Kathryn Kirkland describes how stories can create a shared understanding of the distinct challenges people in different roles confront as patients, family members or professionals. This is especially evident when there’s serious illness. Storytelling helps everyone work together

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Running time: 27 minutes 55 seconds

Episode 10

My work depends on the setting…

Like many health professionals, John Brennan has had the opportunity to work in different settings which have influenced and enhanced his ability to co-create healthcare services with patient-persons

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Running time: 30 minutes 06 seconds

Episode 11

From principles to practice

Bill Lucas shares the story of a learning challenge and offers examples of the ways teachers address these types of challenges

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Running time: 31 minutes 24 seconds

Episode 12

Coproduction and macrosystems of healthcare

CEO April Kyle and CMO Doug Eby discuss how the indigenous community of Native Americans became the “customer-owners”and governing board of the SouthCentral Foundation which operates the Alaska Native Medical Center. They offer an example of what it’s like for a customer-owner to consult a professional-person

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Running time: 40 minutes 01 seconds

Episode 13

Safer together

Emeritus Professor Charles Vincent describes why and how he and Rene Amalberti wrote the pathfinding book, Safer Healthcare, and engages in a conversation with Maren Batalden as she describes the ways she and her colleagues at Cambridge Health Alliance have used those insights in their efforts to make healthcare safer

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Running time: 34 minutes 53 seconds

Episode 14

Looking back and ahead

Paul reviews the frame and the content of the podcasts in this series and together in conversation with Christian and Tina they open some possible future themes for the study of coproducing healthcare service

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Running time: 31 minutes 00 seconds