SPARK’s annual conference was held on 25 April 2019. Around 170 participants from industry and academy gathered to exchange experiences and take part of digital insights, inspirational research projects and profitable innovations

uring the second edition of SPARK's annual conference, researchers, companies and municipal and regional representatives were present. The project exhibition with current research and education projects was the start of an intensive day focusing on the future of industry.

- The annual conference gives an overall picture of SPARK and it is impressive to see the scope of all projects. I believe that this gives the companies a sense of being part of a larger context and that there is a gathering force around the development of the industry here in the region, ”said CEO Ingrid Wadskog, School of Engineering.

- Interesting discussions and inspirational lectures. It is important that representatives from industry, academia and public actors have the opportunity to meet and network, and jointly discuss how we make our region competitive. I think SPARK's annual conference has found forms for this and we have already started the planning for next years conference, ”said Executive Vice President of Jönköping University, Mats Jackson, (program manager for SPARK).

When? 25 April 8.30-16.30

Where? School of Eduction and Communication in Jönköping

Moderator: Jonas Gallneby

Note: The conference is held in Swedish.


08.30 Registration, Coffee and Mingle in our Project Exhibition

Be there in time and mingle around in the project exhibition in Arkaden (the entrance hall of the School of Education and Communication). There you have the opportunity to meet researchers within SPARK and hear about their research and eductional activities within knowledge intensive product realization.


10.00 Welcome and introduction

President Agneta Marell and SPARK's programme manager Mats Jackson open the conference in JU-aulan.


10.15 Digitalization 2.0

Mats Lewan, author and research analyser, gives an inspirational lecture around the second wave of digitalisation.


11.00 Strategic initiatives within SPARK

We look into the strategic initiatives that Jönköping University are taking to build a meeting place where the university, industry and public actors can spread new knowledge and experiences.


11.30 SPARK Award

This year's winners of the SPARK Award are presented. The award is given to projects within SPARK that have shown an excellent co-production with their industrial partners.


12.00 Lunch in Orangeriet and project exhibition



  • Digital Transformation - Meaning, Examples and Method (related to the Project Transform to AAA) Digitalization is on most lips today, but what does a digital transformation really mean? Is it patchy automation of different parts of businesses or a more thorough and revolutionary process of change and how can you proceed? There will be more information from Kurt Sandkuhl, Professor of Information Technology.
  • Innovation Runway - Entrepreneurs on the stage
    An innovation factory that produces new perspectives and smart solutions. Companies with drive and growth will tell how Innovation Runway makes a difference in their innovation work. Carola Öberg (Project manager, Innovation Runway), Sofia Davidsson (Business Developer, Science Park) and Tomas Hagwall (Business developer, Science Park, will talk about Normans-Robowaste AB), Annika Sundström (Project manager, Mullmäster AB), Glenn Wilander (CEO, Q-tech Group AB ).
  • Thule: A success story - Research and coproduction
    10 years of close collaboration between Thule and JU led to the development and implementation of computer systems to support engineers when developing new variants of roof racks adapted to new car models in the global market - Joel Johansson, Senior Lecturer at the School of Engineering.
  • Read more here .



  • Upcoming Strategic Initiatives


15.00-16.30 After SPARK at Orangeriet

Listen to three voices about SPARK (in Swedish)

Mikael Ronder, Östrand & Hansen AB, Automation Småland

Joakim Brobäck, Träcentrum Nässjö

Susanne Lieberg, Combitech