Civil engineer students met the local industry

Student at a company visit.

About 30 civil engineering students participated in this year's industrial trip, which included four companies and an industrial museum in the Gnosjö region. Here the students visit Delex Teknik in Forsheda.

The School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University (JU), Campus Värnamo and the Business Gnosjö region every year organise the Industry trip (Industriresan) where civil engineering students from JTH visit a number of companies in the Gnosjö region.

"It was rewarding to actually see the manufacturing at different companies, says Daniel Pilarp, ​one of the approximately 30 students who participated in the Industry trip.

The industry trip is part of the “Materials in products and manufacturing technology” and “Logistics” courses for JTH students studying the five-year Master of Science in Engineering: Industrial Product Production. The purpose of the visits to industrial companies is to give the students a broader picture of the surrounding industry and its manufacturing.

“We want to give the students greater knowledge of our local industry as well as giving them the benefit of seeing what we have studied put into practice. It is also interesting for the companies to receive views and questions from students. These can sometimes be implemented in the company’s daily work,” says course coordinator Ehsan Ghassemali.

"Get an idea of ​​what you want to work with"

This year’s Industry trip included the companies Delex Teknik in Forsheda, Zinkteknik in Bredaryd, AXJO Plastic in Gislaved, Rosti GP Sweden in Gislaved and Hyltén's industrial museum in Gnosjö. The students were shown the production line for various components at the companies. They visited the materials and manufacturing techniques used to see how sustainable they were.

Daniel Pilarp, ​​one of the students who participated in the Industry trip, thinks it was rewarding to see different industries in real life and get an idea of ​​what he want to work with in the future. He also liked the visit to Hyltén's Industrial Museum in Gnosjö to see manufacturing from the old days.

“Got very good impression from the students"

Jens Svensson, CEO and Head of sales at Zinkteknik group, thinks it is important that civil engineering students come out and see their production, production development and automation and gain an understanding of how they work.

“We got a very good impression from the students. They were interested, had a lot of knowledge and asked relevant questions so their visit was very meaningful for us as well. We are a fairly small civil service corps, but will try to find openings to be able to have students for internship or degree jobs. We want qualified people who are young and hungry, and it is important that we can appear as a company that students apply to, says Jens Svensson.

Meet the engineers of the future

Erik Forsberg, CEO of Delex in Forsheda, saw the Industry trip as a good opportunity for them to show their business and what can be done with bent wires for the engineers of the future.

“It was also a good opportunity to present ourselves as a possible workplace for the students. They were interested, listened and asked questions,” says Erik Forsberg.

He mentions that they could accept one or more students for internships or degree jobs to see how to develop their product.

Students visit a company.

Here is a picture from the student visit to Zinkteknik in Bredaryd. The company's CEO Jens Svensson (not pictured) thinks that the students were interested, knowledgeable and asked relevant questions.