Ehsan Ghassemali awarded title of professor

Ehsan Ghassemali at the Department of Materials and Manufacturing – Casting, at the School of Engineering (JTH) has been awarded the title of professor.

"It is a privilege and honor to be awarded this title and it certainly feels great," says Ehsan Ghassemali.

Ehsan Ghassemali, JTH.

Ehsan Ghassemali, JTH, has been awarded the title of professor.

Ehsan Ghassemali, who was previously an associate professor, will be installed as a professor at the Academic Ceremony on May 4, 2024. His goal in his academic career has always been to be able to develop knowledge and skills to have tangible and positive contribution to his surroundings. He emphasizes that the professorship will give him more possibilities and more responsibilities for a deeper contribution in tackling the scientific, societal and industrial challenges.

"Can help me further pursue my goals"

“So, rather than seeing the professorship as a goal, I see it as a prestigious tool that can help me further pursue my goals, towards making the world around us better and more sustainable for generations to come. Obtaining this prestigious title requires hard work and is always associated with sometimes failures and sometimes joyful winnings. This has not been easy but has, of course, been an interesting journey through which I have been receiving great support from my family, especially my wife and kids, and also friends, colleagues and students,” says Ehsan Ghassemali.

His research and teaching interest is generally focused on metallic materials and components. In particular, the development of sustainable materials that are durable under harsh environments is one of the bases for technological advancement in modern society. Lightweight, high performance, and minimal need for service and maintenance are among key factors for developing such materials. The main step for the design and development of modern materials is to understand the relationship between the microstructure and material performance.

"Can reveal the weak points"

“This understanding can reveal the "weak points" in the material, by tailoring which, we are able to develop high-performance, durable and light materials. But not all materials are easily processable! So in our research and teaching, a key element is how easy it is to manufacture components using the developed materials. In addition, to target circularity, it is important to consider the recyclability of the materials. Thus we aim to design materials that are "tolerant" to impurities that come from recycling or choice of manufacturing technology: "tolerant metallic materials", says Ehsan Ghassemali.

He has had special celebrations with his family, as well as small celebrations and gatherings with friends and colleagues at his department and also after work. He looks forward to the Academic Ceremony and feels that it will be an honor to be part of the celebration together with other professors and graduated PhDs.