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Sculpture exhibition at the Library

On 31st of October, the exhibition Places and Spaces and the places in between opens in the University Library. Master's students from the School of Engineering are exhibiting sculptures that they have worked on as a part of the course 'Design philpsophy and practice'.

The project, and culminating exhibition, is the first part of the course 'Design philosophy and practice' and is the opening course for the Industrial Design master's programme, as well as the User experience design and IT Architecture programme at the School of Engineering.

Swedish and international students have participated, most of whom have an engineering background.

"This is a challenging project where the students get to practice how to express themselves and convey a message in an abstract form by producing sculptures", says Linda Lundeholm, course coordinator.

The students started the course by spending two days in Omberg together with a storytelling artist. Through workshop-based activities, they defined their own approach to the theme, inspired by nature's forms, and their own experiences of these.

Through sketches, images and text, the students then continued shaping their experiences and these have, after a long process and a lot of feedback, become the 22 sculptures which will be exhibited in the University Library during the first two weeks of November.

A vernissage for the exhibition will be held the 31st October at 18:00 and is open to the public. The exhibition will then be on display in the library until the 14 November.