Media, Management and Transformation Centre

Researching Digital Innovations and Business renewal for
more sustainable and globalized industry practices

About MMTC

The Media, Management and Transformation Centre is an academic center internationally recognized for its research and practical knowledge about the Impact of Digitalization, Sustainability and Globalization on Industry and Business Renewal.

The focus at MMTC is to conduct high-quality research meaningful to practice and policy, make use of research results in different types of teaching activities, and develop knowledge in collaboration with external stakeholders.

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Recent Publications

  • Nguyen, T., McDonald, M., Nguyen, T., McCauley, B. (2020). Gender relations and social media: a grounded theory inquiry of young Vietnamese women’s self-presentations on Facebook. Gender, Technology and Development (pp. 1-20).
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  • McCauley, B., Tierney, K., Tokbaeva, D. (2020). Shaping a regional offline eSports market: Understanding how Jönköping, the ‘City of DreamHack’, takes URL to IRL. JMM - The International Journal on Media Management
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  • Salim, R., Manduchi, A., Johansson, A. (2020). Investment Decisions on Automation of Manufacturing in the Wood Products Industry: A Case Study. Bioproducts Business 5(1), 1-12
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  • Arshad, N., Ramirez-Pasillas, M., Hollebeek, L. (2020). Sustainable crowdfunding for subsistence entrepreneurship. In: Contributions to Management Science Cham: Springer
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