The SPARK conferense.

The SPARK conference 2024 will be held at the School of Engineering at the University of Jönköping on 18 April.

Welcome to the SPARK conference on 18 April 2024 on the theme "Together towards Industry 5.0 – results from research in collaboration". During one full day, you will be exposed to good examples of how research in our three areas of strength strengthens Swedish industry and its transformation towards Industry 5.0.

At the SPARK conference, you will meet researchers and company representatives who will talk about their experiences and how the research within SPARK can really benefit. The SPARK conference is held at the Scool of Engineering at Jönköping University (JU) and the day ends with AfterSPARK for those who wish. We look forward to an exciting and educational day, so save the date for the SPARK conference on 18 April, at 08.30–16.30!

A detailed program and the possibility to sign up for the conference is found on the Swedish page.

The last day to register is 10 April.

SPARK is run by the School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University and is a research and training environment within knowledge-intensive product realization. SPARK will contribute to developing the region's and Sweden's manufacturing companies towards more knowledge-intensive products and processes.