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Renovation of the library entrance hall

Next week, the renovation of the library's entrance hall will begin. During this time, the library will have temporary entrances via Caffè Dallucci and the journals room. From Monday 21 February, the group rooms will have the same opening hours as the library.

Initial work next week

At the beginning of next week, the library entrance will be painted. This means that the stairwell and the entrance to the library hall will be closed. The temporary entrance to the library will be through Caffè Dallucci. To enter the group room corridors, you can use the lift in the entrance or the stairs inside the library. Towards the end of the week, the entrance to the library will be temporarily reopened. However, the stairwell will remain closed and the corridors can be reached via the lift.

Temporary library entrance from 21 February

On Monday 21 February, the library's regular entrance will be closed completely. Temporary entrances to both the library and the group room corridors will be the through the door in Caffè Dallucci's glass façade and the door to the library's journals room. This means that the group room corridors will close half an hour before the library closes.

Opening hours for the group rooms:

Monday–Thursday: 8:00–19:30

Friday: 08:00–17:30

Saturday: 11:00–14:30

Sunday: Closed

If you want to return books when the library is closed, you can leave them in the return box outside the library's regular entrance.