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Yesterday, we reached Katherine successfully and continued down to Daly Waters to set camp for the night. This is also the place where the next control stop will be. And we are, of course, taking every chance available to charge the car so that we can continue our journey down the continent☀️😁 #worldsolarchallenge #bwsc #jönköping #ju

A beautiful day to start 17th position out of 43 teams in the Bridgestone World Solar challenge ☀️🤩 Next stop Katherine 🔜 #worldsolarchallange #bwsc19 #jönköping #ju

We're officially qualified for the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge! 🎉 #jusolarteam #BWSC19 #bwscphoto @worldsolarchallenge

We’re happy to say that the damages from our unfortunate off-road experience are fixed and we’re back on track! 🙌Today we are attempting the figure 8 test ♾ we need to complete it in less than 18 seconds to pass! 🤞 #jusolarteam #BWSC19