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Loan regulations

As a patron you promise to abide by the loan regulations of the University Library.

Library cards

You can get a library card starting with the year of your 18th birthday. Register, and then show valid identification at the information desk.

For students and employees at Jönköping University, the JU-card is the library card. No other registration is needed.

The library card is personal and shall be presented on each loan occasion.

Immediately report loss of the JU-card at Self Service. Contact the library immediately if you lose your library card.

Loan period

The loan period is, in most cases, 21 days. For certain items, for example eReaders (reading pads), the loan period might be shorter.

Returns shall be made during the library's opening hours.


Renewals are made on My account, the self-service machines, or by contacting the library. You can renew a book several times, however, the maximum total loan period is 6 months.

A loan cannot be renewed if the book is requested by another borrower.

Employees at Jönköping University, and ILL libraries, will have their loans automatically renewed up to 36 months, unless there are requests by other borrowers. 


Reservations can be made by  students from any university, and employees at Jönköping University. Reservations are made through Primo.

You will receive a notice from the library when the book is available.

Not for loan

Books from the course book collection, reference literature, newspapers, and journals shall be available for reading at the library and cannot be borrowed.

Interlibrary loans

Books requested from other libraries are subject to the loan regulations of the lending library.

Overdue notices

Loans not returned or renewed after 21 days, will entail a late return fine of 10 SEK/day and book.

Reminders regarding interlibrary loans will be sent every five days. As from the second reminder, a fine of 50 SEK/book and reminder, will be charged.

When your fine exceeds 50 SEK, you are suspended from borrowing any material until the fine is settled.

If the book is not returned despite several reminders, the University Library will send an invoice covering the retail price of the book, and a handling charge of 200 SEK/book.

If the book is returned after the invoice has been sent, a late return fine of 200/SEK will be charged.

Remember that e-mail is not always completely reliable. Late return fines are applied even though you have not received a overdue notice or reminder.

Damaged or lost books

Should a book be damaged or lost, the borrower will be charged a replacement fee equivalent to the purchase price, and an administrative charge of 200 SEK.

Even when the borrower has paid for damaged items, they remain the property of the library.

All replacements and repairs are taken care of by the library.

Personal information

When you acquire a library card you agree to have your personal data stored in the university library system according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We need your personal data in order to register where books and other media are when checked out as well as to be able to contact you if they are not returned in time or to notify you when a requested book is available.

The personal data we store are name, personal identity number, library card number, address, email address and (possibly) phone number. If you do not use your library card your account will be deleted after 5 years. Data concerning your loans and requests are also stored in the library system. This data is confidential and will be deleted in connection with loan returns and payment of any pertaining fees.

When requesting interlibrary loans your name and library card number will be stored in the external library system we use to fulfill the request.

You have the right to be told which personal data is stored about you. You just need to show your ID to the library staff at the information desk. You have the right to have your personal data corrected or deleted.

The personal data will only be used within the library context.

The library reserves the right to make changes to the loan regulations, which will be the valid regulations as from then. Information about changes are notified on the library website.

Content updated 2018-05-24

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