CeFEO supports new project on Private Equity and Family Businesses

The new project is run by Professors Andreas Stephan and Dorothea Schäfer who are in the field of Economics, Finance and Statistics at Jönköping University.

A boost of private equity investments can be observed in recent years. However, investments by a private equity (PE) company is not viewed unambiguously. First, it is claimed that PE investment is made for the sake of seeking short-term gains by taking control and utilizing the company's resources. Second, PE invests because of prior identification of chances to increase the company´s value. Therefore, Professors Stephan and Schäfer are interested in studying the impact of PE on family firms in different aspects. They attempt to resolve these two conflicting conjectures by investigating the motives of PE investment in family companies.

We wish them good luck with the project and hope our support gives them the tools to reach their goals!

/Vivianne Lärkefjord