Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership

Commissioned Research

CeFEO has specific expertise in designing and conducting applied and commissioned research and specific investigations into family enterprises and ownership for companies, public organizations and trade associations.

Commissioned research may include different topics and the design and execution is decided upon in close collaboration with the organization giving us the request to do the research.

CeFEO has conducted commissioned research for organizations such as Nutek (the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth), Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers, Svenskt Näringsliv (the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise), Länsstyrelsen i Jönköping (the Jönköping County Administrative Board) and Tillväxtanalys (Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis).

For more information on commissioned research, contact Professor Mattias Nordqvist.

Content updated 2019-05-07

Content updated 2019-05-07
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