Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

CeFEO's vision is to be the prime research and learning Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership.

Openness, creativity and rigor characterize our search for academic excellence and practical relevance. We collaborate with scholars, students, practitioners and policymakers around the world.

Our Mission

Following the vision, the leading mission of CeFEO is to combine academic excellence and practical relevance. CeFEO is an internationally oriented research and learning centre. We have an ambition to be a natural partner for both researchers and family owners/managers, as well as for advisors and other actors interested in family enterprising and ownership.

Our mission can be divided into two interrelated parts:

1. To promote, conduct and share high-quality academic research on relevant family enterprise and ownership topics. Our research is interdisciplinary, highly international and characterized by the openness to different approaches in terms of research questions we ask, the theories we apply and the methodologies we use.

2. To engage in a knowledge dialogue on family enterprise and ownership topics with stakeholders through service and outreach activities (such as seminars and education) with the purpose to increase awareness and skills among owners and managers of family businesses, their advisors and policy-makers, as well as students.

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