Doctoral course at CeFEO

This autumn CeFEO and JIBS offer an international doctoral course: Central Perspectives and Themes in Family Business Research

The aim
The aim of this doctoral course is to provide an overview of central perspectives (theories) and themes (issues) in the rapidly growing field of family business research. The course should provide students with an enhanced scholarly understanding of family business research as well as with an active support in developing their own research project on family business topics. More generally, the intention of the course is to train students´ capacity to act as critical, independent and reflective researchers in a young and emergent field of research. The course is international in the sense that we will draw on perspectives, themes and topics of research applied in a variety of national and cultural contexts. Another part of the international profile is that the course is open for participation for doctoral students from different universities and countries.

Mattias Nordqvist, Co-director of CeFEO, is responsible for this course.